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2015-03-27 08:48:55
Voting is currently tied for our competition. Therefore I will extend voting for one more week. Remember that you can influence the competition that we will hold by voting on our forum (in the news section) or via our facebook page
Dans cruf
2015-03-22 21:03:02
Only one week remains to vote for the competition we will hold. You can vote on our forum or our facebook page
Dans cruf
2015-03-07 15:54:25
To celebrate our sixth anniversary, we will be soon be holding a new competition. What that competition is will be down to our visitors to decide. I have started a poll on our forum and facebook page with two options available for you to pick between. Voting will be open until Friday the 27th of March
Dans cruf
2015-01-27 17:08:52
Regarding our highscores and skills section not updating, Cipsoft recently changed the way in which these pages are accessed. Unfortunately as I am not the website coder, I am unable to update the collection method of our website. Until the website owner gets in touch with me and corrects the issue, highscores and skills will no longer update on our website.

I sincerely apologise for this inconvenience.
Dans cruf
2014-11-10 14:49:29
Our resident rookgaard member Diaba dos Infernus has created another article about rookgaard. He has spent a lot of time thinking about the minotaur mage inside of the inaccessible room and noticed how the movable objects (pushed by the minotaur mage) rarely came into our field of view. Was there a reason for this such as an invisible wall?

After a lot of experimentation, he was able to form a conclusion.

Interested in his results? Check out his article on our reserach section of our forum or copy and paste the following link

Dans cruf
2014-06-21 23:03:15
I have added screenshots of the test server to our facebook page and Diaba dos Infernus has added screenshots to our forum
Dans cruf
Featured article
Interviwe with Rejana

We recently took the time to interview CM Rejana. Here is what she had to say about herself, her job and her thoughts on the current state of tibia.

Offline skilling research

The advent of offline training has made everyone's life a little easier, and a lot more lazy. In a recent poll, 75% of people said they liked offline training, 20% did not, and 5% did not care. For premium players, simply logging out at an appropriate statue can increase your melee skills (except for fist), shielding, magic, or distance.

This article will serve the purpose of explaining how this works, how fast you gain skills offline, and how this correlates to online training. As you read this article, and for the future, you might be interested to test out some of your own values on our skill calculator.

offline skilling
Interview with Count Tofifti
Interview with count tofifti

We interviewed a member of the cipsoft team - One of the balancers, Count Tofifti.

If you want to know what informations did we get from him then check it out!

New calculator - spellbook
Spellbook calculator

We have created a new calculator which will help you finding which spells you are missing in your spellbook. All what you have to do is to paste your spellbook content to our caclulatro and check the results! Enjoy!.

Using the occassion we would like to invite you to the discussion about the spells - which ones are the most usefull which ones are just a waste of money and time?

Skilling research: magic level

The magic level skill is one of the few skills trained by all vocations. As you may know this skill increases the magic spells power (with some exceptions of several physical offensive spells). Since this skill has such impact on damage and healing power it's vital to have a decent magic level.

In this article we will take a look at how magic training methods looked in the past and what changed during the years...read more

At the moment there is only English, Portuguese and Polish versions of this article avalible (Spanish will be added soon)

Basing on this research we have updated our skiling calculator with calculator for magic level skills.

the art of skilling (magic)
Skilling research: shielding

The shielding skill is very important, especially for knights and paladins, since it reduces the total damage of physical melee attacks against you. The higher the shielding skill, or melee skill if you use a two-handed weapon, and defense value of the weapon or shield, the better you will block. In general, the defense value is slightly more important than the skill when calculating the amount of damage reduction...read more

There are English and Polish versions of this article avalible (portugese will be added soon)

Basing on this research we have updated our skiling calculator with calculator for shielding skills.

the art of skilling (shield)
Skilling research: melee
the art of skilling

There is much controversy over what constitutes perfect training, and I will try and make it clear once and for all. There is something, which I like to call a Hit Counter, which makes sure you must draw blood on your victim after a certain amount of time. You can think of a Hit Counter as a 30oz glass that you will fill up one ounce at a time...read more

There are English, Polish and Portuguese versions of this article avalible

Basing on this research we have created skiling calculator, at the moment you got the chance to count the time needed for your melee fighting skill advancements.

The art of sculpting
the art of sculpting

For almost one year Tibians have been able to try their hand at sculpting from clay and marble. After extensive testing, we have decided to release the results of our sculpting research...read more

There are English, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish versions of this article avalible

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