The every day struggles of working for Tibia-Stats

A couple of weeks ago I had a message from one of my friends, Kagonesti. I had learnt a bit about this site beforehand, and I thought it would be a brilliant thing to be a part of. So I was absolutely stoked when Kagonesti messaged me one day telling me he wanted me to join the team as the 'Official English Consultant' (Gosh, it sounds so fancy, doesn't it?).

Now, to be honest, being an 'Official English Consultant' scared me to bits! I failed English at high school, and I didn't think I was good enough to help out even though English is my native language. Little did I know I had a knack for telling people what they were doing wrong!

On top of being an English Consultant for the team, I also collect data from party channels, and I add it to the database. I figured this would be an easy job - count loot, add loot. And ta-da, the system has my data added. But no - the first time I did it I was in trouble with Kagonesti a few hours later - "When you insert data do not add the summons!" Therefore the loot I had put in for novices, accidentally included information about the chicken summons of theirs I also killed... oops.

The next day I was talking to Taki Sobie Mis, another wonderful friend of mine who is also on the Tibia-Stats team. He also puts data into the system like I do. So I made a party channel with him, off we both went hunting, and then afterwards I added the data to the system. Little did I know, so did Taki! So sadly, we had entered the same data twice. All I could do was take a deep breath and say to myself, "they're wiping the database soon, due to errors, just ignore it" - at least I had learnt my lesson though!

Later on that day I decided to go on another hunt to try and make up for the lost data earlier. I joined up in a party with a friend, and off I went for a hydra hunt with my fiancÚ. On the way out of our hunt, I managed to lose all of the data from that hunt, and I was pretty annoyed to say the least! So once again, I mucked up.

So, after this, I completely gave up on trying to help enter data into the database. I decided to help in a different sector, and I focused completely on the researching of ice cubes. Although this required hunting, I didn't have a problem with that. This time I made sure a) I hunted something that didn't spawn summoned monsters but dropped ice cubes, b) was in a party with somebody who had no idea about this website so I knew it was my responsibility to add the data, and c) save the data constantly just I accidentally log out somehow and lose the data.

I'm sure you may be able to guess the results of this hunt. Basically, I managed to get some ice cubes, I added the data into the database, I didn't lose any of the data, but... I got a little carried away with the ice cubes and forgot I was supposed to be writing down my results for research. So there I was, with about 15 or so ice cubes, stabbing them with my obsidian knife like crazy with a big grin on my face. Afterwards I paused, stared at my laptop screen for a while, realized what I had done and I face planted my head into the laptop.

All in all, I decided that maybe gathering data or helping with research was just not something I am that good at. It sounded easy - but if you're as silly as I am sometimes, you'll understand the struggles in it all! But now it's time for some good news:

The day after my research that went insanely wrong, I was talking to Kagonesti about the design of the site and discussing things we hope to bring to the website in the future - and I was asked to write an article on how to join us at Tibia-Stats.com. I had no idea what I was supposed to write, considering I'd never had any studies in journalism or done any sort of writing course - although I was told I had a natural talent for writing. So after writing up the article and being told how good it was, I decided that maybe this is the sector I should be in and stick to, so, here I am writing up a second article.

So that's basically my personal struggles of being part of the Tibia-Stats team, I just hope that others who help us with all the data gathering and researching will do a much better job than I did. I think I'll just stick to my writing and editing of the website. It is hard work, but it's rewarding and it's actually really fun!

Many thanks to the Tibia-Stats staff for giving me the opportunity to be involved in this and I have high praises for all of my follow team members and friends that are helping out Kagonesti to fulfil his passion.

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