Tibia-Stats one year retrospecitve

One year had passed since Tibia-Stats was born. At the start, the website was simply used as a loot counting script and has evolved into the website you see today. This article will show you process of how the website was created, what has happened since the start, why we are still working on the site, and what our plans are for the future.

Look into past

The official birthday of tibia-stats is the 13th of January, 2009. This is the day we bought the domain "www.Tibia-Stats.com". Before then it was nameless. The actual date of the first script written for tbia-stats was made around the 20th-30th of December 2008 but sadly I don't remember the exact date. I didn't pay much attention to detail back then. The first script was a loot and kill counting calculator similar to the count loot calculator that we have today. There weren't any creature or item pictures back then. At first the script was created mainly for personal use (to keep track of my loot and other things) but when I saw the huge potential in the old party channels (similar to todays server log which required a party to display loot) we decided to start creating creature loot statistics.

Of course I wasn't alone. The brain behind the programming belongs to my brother. Besides him, at the beginning I had help from Taki sobie mis, Krystaliczny knight and Abaendanox Leond. After a while more friends joined such as Selenia Shadowbolt and Sammeh the Cute. But at the beginning there were only a few of us who gathered data, so we had to create parties with each other in order to have the loot data displayed in the party channel. Slowly our loot database began to grow. In order to see the results of our work, we had to create some kind of site what could display the loot statistics. That is where the first idea of being a serious fansite was born. From that day on we have been working hard to make tibia-stats an interesting website to visit.

In the beginning, tibia-stats only offered a count loot calculator and loot statistics. There weren't any articles, calculators, experience rankings or the other things we have today. But slowly we added new features to the site. In the picture below you can see one of the first images of tibia-stats.

Pic. 1. Picture of tibia-stats first layout (pic. taken on 13.02.09)
Look of Tibia-Stats at the beginning

Back then we didn't try to advertise the site because as you can see, it could scare potential visitors from visiting the site again. The first few months was the time of fast development. New sections were added, the count loot calculator was updated, bugs were fixed and the layout of the website evolved. In less than one month, tibia-stats evolved to the next level (although it was still quite low). We added new calculators such as the "prophet" and "gimme", updated the database with item and creature pictures and descriptions and so on. From then on we started to gather feedback (usually positive) from players that somehow found tibia-stats. Some of them offered to help us like Oblivian Archer who was one of the first to join the team from the "outside" (back then he didn't know anyone from our team).

In the next picture you can see the next stage of Tibia-Stats. The look of the site has been changed a bit.

Pic. 2. Picture of tibia-stats secound layout (pic taken on 07.03.09)
2nd Tibia-Stats layout

This stage didn't last long. We started to search for graphic designers who would like to help us with the site layout. We started a banner competition. Several people submitted their projects but in the end we decided that my own graphic would work best.

Pic.3. Picture of tibia-stats 3rd layout (pic taken on 11.03.09)
3rd Tibia-Stats layout

I wasn't very proud of my design, especially because I used a background picture which wasn't made by me (even though it wasn't copyrighted), which is why we decided to change the site look again.

Pic. 4. Picture of tibia-stats 4th layout (pic taken on 18.03.09)
4th Tibia-Stats layout

During the visual evoluion of our website, new articles were being added. Some new calculators (like experience and party) and several research projects were started. Around this time we submitted tibia-stats to the tibia fansite program and continued to develop the site.

We didn't really think about adding experience or skill rankings to tibia-stats because all of this could be found on erig.net. But when erig decided to close his site, I was asked by many friends and tibia-stats visitors to add these statistics to the website. First experience rankings were added in april and in june we added skills.

Pic. 4b. Picture of tibia-stats 4th layout with right panel (pic taken on 17.06.09)
4th Tibia-Stats layout with stats

From the beginning a lot of players had helped us. Some of them decided to join our team, offering their hunt data, sharing their ideas, helping with research and even sharing their own research results with us such as Gorak, Dans cruf and Kasmemcat Chaos. The full list of people who have helped can be found in the "abous us" section.

Since Gorak has been mentioned, it should be pointed out that it was him who did the research for formulas for most of our calculators (spell damage, melee damage, distance damage (coming soon) and damage reduction) and was coordinating some of out research such as creature resistances. Next to him Kasemcat Chaos organized several research projects such as water elementals loot and refining shiny stones. Of course most of our team members helped withthis research. Without all of them the whole site project couldn't possibly have taken the shape that it has now.

When Tibia-Stats became a bit more popular we got several offers of creating new layouts for our site. Most of them were great, but we could only choose one. The current graphic we use is designed by Leefoo. Parts of this project were done by me (my account section, creature section, exp tables and so on) based on Leefoo's project.

Pic. 5. Tibia-Stats layout designed by Leefoo (pic. Taken on 28.06.09)
5th Tibia-Stats layout

We were a bit slow adding new content to the website because we were starting to work on a big project - making personal accounts offering loot and kill statistics available for everyone. During this time we added new calculators and articles and working on research such as resistances, rusty items, lottery tickets and other things.

In the middle of September we released the public accounts and one month later we became a supported fansite. But we are still far away from the website that I want tibia-stats to be. We are trying to develop all the time by adding new calculators, releasing our research results and so on.

Our plans for future

As I have said before, Tibia-Stats has a long way before it will take the shape which I imagined. Some of the plans will be kept a secret, but here is a list of things which you may expect to find at tibia-stats during this year.

- New calculators
- A public Forum - which will a bit different and unique from the forums which you may already know
- Update "my account" - new statistics etc.
- The layout of tibia-stats will likely be changed
- Language versions
- New "news system"
And more...

I would like to thank you - the visitors - for supporting our work by visiting Tibia-Stats and by that motivating us to continue working. I hope that you will keep visiting us for another year and find out what shape Tibia-Stats will take.

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