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Hey there. My name is Dans cruf (no capital c) and I am in charge of the data gathering for Tibia-Stats. What that means is that every loot statistic that you are able to see is monitored by me. I make sure there are no fake entries, that our team members don't accidentally upload the same loot log (in situations like a team hunt or a boss kill posted publically) and I make sure that all current creature stats are up to date (meaning that they didn't recently have loot changed). I have been with the website for almost its entire duration and I have seen everybody come and go over the three years our website has existed. Some people focused on different elements. When Gorak joined our team, it quickly became clear that he was able to offer some amazing research capabilities and our many articles since then wouldn't have been possible without him. Sammeh the Cute (now known as Samantha Zu) was the original article writer and English checker (The Tibia-Stats admin is Polish and every now and then needs some small corrections to be made to his English although they are usually minor). Trishula became our graphics designer and he made all of our forums custom emoticons as well as artwork for our articles. Everyone else contributed to wherever they felt most comfortable. All of our loot statistics and some of our research projects were done entirely as a team and nobody had a specific path to follow. Being on the Tibia-Stats team is all about having fun, working together and helping out the Tibia community. Sadly, as time has passed, we have found that some team members have become inactive in Tibia. There are many various reasons for this such as new education, being hard at work or just simply being burnt out with the game. All of their efforts for our website are greatly appreciated and they are still very much a valuable part of our team, but it has been agreed upon by our existing members that it is time to pump some new blood into our team.

Me and the Tibia-Stats admin are asked quite often about the possibility of joining the team. I sometimes get overwhelmed by how popular our website has become and how many people have asked to join. Sadly, I always have to reject each offer. If I allowed everybody who wished to help the chance to join, then we would have over 500 members now which is a little silly to imagine. But it was always clear that new people were always looking to join our team. So I am excited to announce that the opportunity for people to join is finally here.

To be clear, this is not a contest. This is my own personal project which I am doing with the approval of my team mates. There is no extra reward at the end such as a knightmare doll or a Tibia-Stats fansite item. This is an opportunity for a small group of people to get the chance to join our team, have some fun and help out literally tens of thousands of players. You will not be restricted to just collecting loot data, you will also be free to help with research or to present your own ideas for articles. Team members also have access to our private forum and are able to be in direct contact with our entire team to see plans for the future and to work on developing Tibia-Stats even further.

The idea is very simple - Write a short paragraph in 200 words or less about what you feel you can add to the Tibia-Stats team (and post it here) . I am looking for standouts amongst the community and I am quite looking forward to seeing what people have to offer.

The rules are simple

- You must be registered to our forum
- All submissions must be done in English
- Entries over 200 words will not be accepted no matter how impressive they may be
- No time limit has been set for this, so please do not message me asking if your entry has been accepted or not.

Once I have made my final decision about new members, I will reply to them personally in private on our forum as well as announcing it on our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Player names will not be published publically unless they wish it to be announced. Keep checking Tibia-Stats.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you wish to find out when players have been picked.

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