Test server report (summer 2009)

The time has come for the test server. But, seeing as only invited players are allowed to log onto the test server, Tibia-Stats has decided to keep you informed about the incoming new features!

You will find here information about new areas, monsters and quests along with screenshots and a few videos.

The article will be updated 1-2 times daily (during test server time) to keep you informed about everything Tibia-Stats will find out.

Please keep in mind that this data comes from "TEST server" - its name should tell you that the features that we will be describing are still being tested. There is a high possibility that CIP will modify the content before releasing the update, like quest rewards, NPC prices and so forth.

Table of content:
Article update log

New hunting grounds
New monsters and items
New quests
PVP changes
General changes

Article update log

09.06.17 - 18:30 - article relase with basic infomation what this update will bring us
09.06.18 - 11:00 - pictures of carlin has been added
09.06.18 - 12:30 - pictures of Beregar added, Darashia's dragon lair added
09.06.18 - 17:00 - picture of dwarven legs added, and description of "royal rescue" quest.
09.06.18 - 18:30 - few pictures of Edron has been added.
09.06.19 - 01:00 - water elementals dungeon added, as well as some info about looting we.
09.06.19 - 13:30 - Medusa dungeon added, as well as info about medusa.
09.06.19 - 13:50 - Added info about dwarven armor.
09.06.19 - 16:00 - Goraks pictures added (medusa hunt and wedding pics).
09.06.20 - 10:00 - Dungeon on Liberty Bay mountain added.
09.06.20 - 21:00 - Added a movie from test server part 1.
09.06.21 - 13:00 - Added a movie from test server part 2 - medusas.
09.06.21 - 20:40 - Added 2 new pic of items - rewards of quests.
09.06.22 - 18:10 - Added pics from lightbearer event
09.06.23 - 15:30 - Added a movie from test server part 3 - lightberer even creatures.
09.06.23 - 17:30 - Added new pics from lightbearer event - creatures hits
09.06.26 - 16:30 - Added new pics from lightbearer event - "the other side"
09.06.28 - 15:00 - Added new movie "test server fun".
09.07.01 - 12:40 - changed movie hosting service for 2 movies.


Test server fun - testing my limits

Lightberer event creatures

Medusa's cave

Water elementals in Tiquanda, behemoths, wyrms and earth elementals at Liberty bay.



As it was said in first update teaser at www.tibia.com:

"Tibia's highly skilled craftsmen and builders have done a fantastic job in rebuilding Carlin. The city will be an emblem of female elegance and taste with the smell of history in the air: steeply pitched roofs, elaborate timber-framed buildings, imposing statues and the lush greenery of parks all add to Carlin's medieval and venerable charm. To provide more convenience, the bank and the depot have been united in one big room with more entrances and exits." (www.tibia.com)

Carlin's depo - outside

Carlin's depo - inside

At picture above you can see that depo was merged with bank, the whole area there is a protected zone

Carlin's random picture

Carlin's random picture 2

"In harmony with the characteristic architecture of the city centre, Carlin's castle will shine again in all its glory, celebrating the legend of its female rulers. On the bas-relief castle walls, the banners of Carlin will be fluttering in the wind, bearing memories of the past and holding out hope for the future. Several houses and guild halls in Thais and Edron as well as Edron's mighty castle have also undergone some renovation." (www.tibia.com)

The other cities changes are not so visable, some walls has been decorated etc. The interesting thing worth to be mention is that someone standing outside the house is not able to trash its balcony.

Carlin's castle 1

Carlin's castle 2


Edron has been redecorated as well:

Edron's random house

Edron's road

Edron's castle


In this update hidden city of Beregar has been rebuilded:

Beregar 1

Beregar 2

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New hunting grounds

This update brought us some new hunting areas as well

Quoted from first update teaser at www.tibia.com:

"A couple of new hunting grounds will be added. Near Beregar, beholders and gozzlers will be lurking in a dark cave. The Liberty Bay mountain has been occupied by behemoths, wyrms, nightstalkers and giant spiders and will be quite challenging even for experienced Tibians. A dungeon with amazing underground waterfalls has been discovered under the south-western part of Tiquanda. Dim light emanating from blue crystals creates a unique mystic atmosphere. But don't be misled by the tranquility of the place, this area is infested with water elementals. North of Darashia dragons and dragon lords will burn the ground in a new dungeon with their massive breath of fire. Will you be brave enough to face these vicious beasts?" (www.tibia.com)

Dragon lair north of Darashia

Beetwen lion mountain and minotaur tower you will find a new dragon lair. Only players with level 40 and above can enter it

Darashia's dragon lair entrance

When you will enter the cave you will have to go several floors down to find yourself at dragon floor, there you will meet only green beasts (dragons and dragon hatchlings), if you are carefull you will fight with 1-2 dragons at the time, but if you are not, then you may find yourself surrounded by many dragons!

Darashia's dragon lair 1st floor

Below the green dragon floor you will find more dragons. In circle-shaped cave there are dragons and dragon lords. Its a quite big cave, in the center of the circle you can go one floor down to fight with 4 dragon lords at the same time!.

Darashia's dragon lair - dragon lords floor

Water Elemental Dungeon under Tiquanda

At south west part of Tiquanda you can find an entrance to the water elemental cave. From this point only players with level 40 or above can go futher.

Entrance to we dungeon

Even though players at level 40 are allowed to enter its not wise to go there at such level. Its common to meet there two or 4 water elementals at t he same time.

It might be dangerous for players at levels around 40

The water elemetnals immunities has been changed, now they are immune to energy and the best element to kill them is fire

edit: The energy immunity was a bug

Now water elementals are weak to fire

Random picture from we dungeon

If you want to know more about new looting system of water elementals then click here

Medusa's cave

Under hydra island (forbidden islands) there is a new dungeon with Medusas and Serpent spawns. The entracne to the cave is from so called "quara hell". Only players with level 80 or above can enter

Entrance to medusa's cave

Just after entering the new room you will find your first medusa!

After entering the medusa cave

Serpent spawn

The place is dangerous, if you are unlucky you may have to fight with three or even more creatures at the same time!

Three serpent spawns

In the cave there are two stairs to lower floors. There are smaller rooms with bunch of creatures. Lvl 200+ mage can solo hunt there but with high risk of dying - when there will come 3+ creatures its easy to die by combo and hunting there is quite expensive. If you want to know more about medusas then click here

More pics from Gorak

The Dead are speaking again! Is that exura coming from the dead body?

Experience from Medusa

Lower floor of medusa and serpent spawn cave

Dungeon on Liberty Bay mountain

At north-east montains a new hunting place has been located. There you will be able to hunt: wyrms, earth elementals, nightstalkers, behemoths, one medusa and few giant spiders and energy elementals. To get there level 60 is required

Entrance to the hunting spot

After passing the level door there are two stairs leading to diffrent creatures, the stairs to the north leads to earth elementals and nightstalkers while stiars to the south leads to wyrms and behemoths


At earth elemental part while being carefull you will fight up to two ee at the same time, but if you are not carefull and decide to outrun them then you might be forced to fight with many of them at the same time.

Earth elementals

Earth elementals 2

In one spot there are stair down, where you will mainly find nightstalkers and few giant spiders


Nightstalkers 2

If at the begining you will choose the south stiars then you will face wyrms acompanied by energy elementals

Wyrms 1

Wyrms 2

Wyrms 3

From wyrm floor you can get to behemoths, usually you will meet one behemoth at time, there are upper levels where you can get to two behemoths at small area and three behemoths


At this same level there is single medusa spawn, she is in her room alone, so you can first check your strenght here before going to medusas cave. After killing the her, its worth to check a skeleton which can be found in this cave.

Single medusa spawn

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PVP changes

Skull types - picture from www.tibia.com

As you probably know with this update a new skull system will be implemented. For excessive unjustified player killing palyers will get a black skull instead of being banished from game. The black skull will have same effects as red one plus:

- Black skulled character cannot attack any unmarked character
- Black skulled character cannot use aggressive area spells like waves, beams and strike spells that are not clearly aimed at a target, aggressive area runes, burst arrows, summon spells, convince or undead leagion
- Black skulled character will receive 100% damage in PvP instead of 50%
- When the black skulled character dies, the character spawns in the temple with 40 hitpoints and 0 mana
- The skull lasts for 45 days

Kill counts for all damage dealers

Now every damage dealler will get a kill count -> it will be much "easier" to get a red/black skull.

Changes in protection zones system:

There will be new protection zones in the cities mainly in banks, post offices and sometimes in shops. Additionally a new "effect" icon will be added telling you when you wil be standing in protection zone.

The interesting change is that defender (person who has been attacked by other player) can run to protection zone even after fighting back!.

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New monsters and items

Here you will find screens and descritions of new monsters and items which we will manage to find


So far I have menaged to get only one new item - reward from Royal Rescue quest - dwarven legs (arm 7, protection physical +3%)

dwarven legs

There is other items (food) from "event" quest which can regenerate your mana to maximum (16:04 You see a blessed steak. It weighs 9.50 oz. It's nicely decorated with plums and pumpkin.). Sadly I have eat it before making a screen shot ;].

For the interested ones Dwarven armor since update will give physical resistance as well: "13:55 You see a dwarven armor (Arm:10, protection physical +5%). It weighs 130.00 oz."

Fan doll of king Tibianus

This doll is a reward of "Isle of Evil" quest. Thanks Wefaz for showing me this item.

10 diffrent dishes - reward of cooking quest

This 10 dishes are reward of "cooking quest", there was additionally another item which didnt fit on the picture - a cook book which "contains colection of recipies which you cooked". After finishing the quest you will be able to make such dish once per year. Each of them has diffrent effect - sadly I dont know exactly what each of it does. Thanks Valentia for showing me this items.


During Royal rescue quest you will have to fight with 2 new kinds of trols: troll legionaire and furious troll. Troll legionaire looks like a frost troll, he spams ivisibility quest, the fruious troll can summon mechanical fighter (looks like deathslicers). Both of this creatures are annoying and as Dens (from CIPs team) stated they are not meant to be regullary hunted.

Water elementals

Since this update water elementals (we) drops "loot". To get it you will need a fishing rod. After killing a "we" you will have to use fishing rod on its body in order to get loot.

Looting the water elementals

You allways get one item from the body, it might be junk like worn leather boots or fishbones but it might be as well some rusty items, potions, gems and who knows what else.


Random picture from medusa cave

Medusas are quite strong. They can heal, use strong paralyze (they turn you into stone statue - of course its only sprite) and their wave attacks are deadly. If you stay diagonal to them then you will get avarage 200 dmg per round. Each medusa gives around 3450 experience, and have a lot of hp. I have tried to kill it with vis + wand (lvl 201 sorc mlvl 84) and it seemed that it will take eternity - because of its healing. Sudden death runes works better, but still I had to use around ~12 sd charges to kill 1 medusa while to kill hydra it takes 4-5 shots. Medusas loot seems cheap compared to the expenses which has to be spent to kill one (please note that this expresion is from exploring observation, who knows which real rares it may drop), so far I know that it drops medusa shield and ulitmate health potions and of course gp/platinum coins. Additional information is that medusa runs at low hp, which migh be dangerous since then you are easy target for its wave.

Medusa runs at low hp

Creatures from Lightbearer event

This creatures are very strong, they can do mele hits for 3000 dmg, we have manage to kill them only because GMs was doing "wild growth" job :]. The run at low hp and in overall are nasty.

Essence of Darkness

Harbinger of Darkness 1

Harbinger of Darkness - close to death

Harbinger of Darkness - death

Gloombringer of Darkness and his minnions

Gloombringer of Darkness and his minnions 2

Gloombringer of Darkness - close to death

Gloombringer of Darkness - death

I have decided to sacrifice myself for your entertainment - here you can see this beasts hits

Just after entering the teleport

There are dozens of them!

Fast end of my trip

Another attempt, I have lost more than half of my mana in one turn

And 2nd turn was my end...

CIP's has trigered the event so it was "finished", so here is another part of the report!

When I have heard that CIPs trigered the quest - making it "finished" - I rushed to see what is the reward

Since I didnt deserve the reward I have decided to kill some of this creatures...

First I wanted to be close to other players - blockers

But after seeing that this beasts has been really weekened I have decided to walk alone

In overal this creatures are much weaker, even player with 1k hp could easily block 2-3 of them. In the same time their loot and experience is great. The offten drops "midnight shards" which can be changed for experience or gold 500 gp each).

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New quests

Here you will find more information about new quests. At the moment you hav to get satisfied with this quest descriptions from www.tibia.com

"Pilgrimage of Ashes

Young adventurers often had difficulties in the past to find all sacred places in Tibia at which it is possible to be blessed. Furthermore, if they found the sacred places, they usually did not have enough money that the blessers require for their service. So many of them roamed the dangerous lands of Tibia unblessed.
To help them, the city guides of all cities have organised a special blessing round trip tour for all characters that are under level 25. They will now not only inform young travellers about the where's and what's of blessings, but also, players that follow their tour will receive a discount prize and can get blessings for mere 1,000 gold pieces each!
If you have successfully completed the tour and return to the city guide with all blessings still being intact, you will be rewarded once more for your efforts. If you should not be able to return from this trip unharmed and have lost one of the blessings already, you will still receive a small reward from the city guide, so that your death was not in vain.
We hope that many young travellers will participate in this guided tour and will visit our blessers Edala, Eremo, Humphrey, Norf and Pydar.
This quest is not available on PvP-enforced servers.

Scatterbrained Sorcerer

Newcomers in Tibia might also want to visit Eclesius, the scatterbrained sorcerer. Since he has a hard time keeping his head together, he is constantly looking for assistants who would be willing to help him and who will not be offended if he cannot remember their names.
Being a suspicious and sensitive sorcerer, he will not hire adventurers over level 20, since he fears to be made fun of or to even be backstabbed by them. However, all eager young assistants may help him with his very important tasks on a daily basis, such as polishing his crystal ball, mixing special fish flakes that are supposed to teach his goldfish how to speak, or keeping the bat plague in his attic under control. The most daring assistants may even play an important role in preventing the apocalypse - regularly. He pays well, and you also get experience by helping him.
If you have proven yourself to be worthy, he might also send you on a couple of bigger one-time missions. Discover an anti-smelly-feet-hex to get rid of the strange stench which seems to have its source in Eclesius' sandals or assist him in becoming a god by creating his very own Tibian race - well, so far the theory. If he really starts to trust you, he might even confide in you and ask you for help to remember some of his old memories.

Treasure Hunt

Everybody who is interested in solving puzzles might be interested in treasure hunts. Rumours are spreading across the Tibian lands that finally somebody has discovered traces of proof that there really are retrievable secret and hidden pirate treasures of enormous value on Treasure Island. Should this be true? Maybe the pirates will reveal some more information about it....? No doubt though, that they will not give you any information voluntarily.

Royal Rescue

The more experienced adventurers who have long passed the level 50 line, might want to apply for a job to assist Emperor Rehal. He is devastated, since his son did not return from his expedition into the long deserted deeper mines on Mistrock. He is long overdue and the emperor fears the worst.
You should only volunteer to help, though, if you are really up to meeting several challenges and dangers. You will need a smart head, strong arms and a good portion of luck on your way.

Shadows of Yalahar

Adventurers that are on their way to the magic goal of level 100 might be interested in what Telas has to say. The name might ring a bell to you if you have been in the service of Yalahar before. You will most likely be able to find him in Stonehome. He is looking for smart and brave adventurers who will help him in his quest for knowledge and who will retrieve long lost artefacts of golem technology for him. Be prepared to learn some of Yalahar's most dangerous secrets!

Isle of Evil

Also, a dwarf has been spotted somewhere around Kazordoon who is either very paranoid, or a conspiracy theorist. He mumbles funny sounding things, and you should not really pay much attention to whatever he says. Or should you...?
If you decide to stand by the dwarf Rapanaio and to help him in his fight to save the world, be prepared for a journey to a place of unspeakable evil and face enemies you never imagined. We hope that you will keep your senses together during this desperate struggle to stop a plot of evil that would shake the world." (www.tibia.com)

Royal Rescue quest

The quest is not very hard but long, at the moment the revard for finishing this quest is "dwarven legs".

To start this quest you will have to finish "Justice for All" quest

During this quest you will need:
- 4x wood
- 6 nails
- hammer
- saw
- repair kit
- fire bug
- pick axe
- shovel
- money for rails and travel

Here are some screens from the quest, when update will be relased we will probably publish the quest spoil.

Royal rescu quest - rail wagon maze part

Royal rescu quest - hard way to npc

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General changes

This update will bring us some changes in dmg/loot display. The default channel has been splited to 2 channels:
- default - where all msg are displayed
- server log - where creature loot, dmg dealt by you, dmg dealt by creatures, "look/use" items is displayed.

To be honest "server log" is a little confusing, its hard to see the loot from a creture which you have killed a moment ago because of the dmg spamm. There is a chance that it will be changed though - thanks for the tutor feedback concerning this matter.

Split of default channel, closer look at "server log"

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Pictures made by Gorak

Getting married...

Entrance to the new honey moon island access from fibula.

One spot to rest on the island.

Another place to relax.

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