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Thank you for your interest in making a Tibia-Stats account. By reading this article you will learn:

  • what benefits a Tibia-Stats account has to offer (go there now)
  • how to create an account - step by step (go there now)
  • how to add data to your own personal database (go there now)

The Benefits of having Tibia-Stats account

You may ask "why do I need an account at Tibia-Stats?". Let us tell you what it has to offer. First of all, thanks to the account system you are able to collect your own hunting data. Based on this data, your own personal statistics are created - such as number of killed creatures, favorite creatures, killed bosses, number of looted items and so on.

How to create an account - step by step

Tibia-Stats account creation system is a bit different compared to other sites.

Firstly, since the main purpose of having Tibia-Stats account is to gather personal loot statistics, we have decided that the account has to represent the Tibia character. That is why when creating an account you have to write your Tibia character name - the one for which your account will be designated. This is to avoid the situations where someone will try to pretend to be someone else (sometimes referred to as namefaking.) While creating an account, you will have to place a generated string of marks on your character comment page (www.tibia.com). By using this method we won't have to ask you for any personal data, for instance your e-mail address.

To be allowed to use your Tibia-Stats account you have to read and agree with Tibia-Stats Terms of Service. When you do that, then its time to start the account creation process!

First step is to click the www.tibia-stats.com "create account" button - which you can find in upper left corner of the site. When you will do that a new page will appear

Step 1 - Terms of Service

As the instruction says write your Tibia character name in the text window - put the name exactly the same as its displayed in Tibia, if you have any spelling mistake the character verification will failed at later steps.

Select the checkbox referring to Tibia-Stats Terms of Service and press "next step" button.

Step 2 - Character verification

As we have said before, the Tibia-Stats account is personalized to your Tibia-Character. We will ask you to place in your Tibia character comment (at www.tibia.com my account page) the randomly generated string of marks. The string has to be placed in the FIRST line of the character comment (pic. 1)

[pic. 1 Pasting the generated string of marks at Tibia character comment]
Pasting he generated string of marks at Tibia character comment

First in the new browser window open www.tibia.com and click on login - upper left corner (pic.2).

[pic. 2 Login at www.tibia.com]
Login at www.tibia.com

After you have logged in in find your character at bottom of your account page, and click on the "edit" button on the side (pic. 3).

[pic. 3 choosing the character to edit its comment]
choosing a character to edit

Now in the comment space place the first line code which you have got (pic. 1) and press submit.

Note: after successful account creation you may remove the code from your character comment.

When your tibia character comment has been edited go back to tibia-stats page, rewrite in the text window the code which is displayed at the picture and press "next step".

Step 3 - Account creation accomplished

Now write down the password which has been generated for your account and that's it! You may login at www.tibia-stats.com and have fun!

How to add data to personal database

When you are logged in, use the count loot calculator, paste your server log into the text window and click the "calculate" button. In the results page you are able to choose if this data was gathered while hunting alone (solo) or in a party (which also counts for your personal statistics), and you may uncheck certain creatures that will make your personal statistics unclear, for example removing chickens that were summoned from Novice of the Cults', or removing goblin-demons. .

Then all you have to do is to press "add to database" button and its done :].

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