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offline skilling research Offline skilling This article will serve the purpose of explaining how this works, how fast you gain skills offline, and how this correlates to online training. As you read this article, and for the future, you might be interested to test out some of your own values on our skill calculator finished
skilling magic level research Skilling research: magic The magic level skill is one of the few skills trained by all vocations. As you may know this skill increases the magic spells power. Since this skill has such impact on damage and healing power it's vital to have a decent magic level... finished
skilling shielding research Skilling research: shielding The shielding skill is very important, especially for knights and paladins, since it reduces the total damage of physical melee attacks against you... finished
skilling melee research Skilling research: melee There is much controversy over what constitutes perfect training, and I will try and make it clear once and for all... finished
sculpting research The Art of Sculpting For almost one year Tibians have been able to try their hand at sculpting from clay and marble. After extensive testing, we have decided to release the results of our sculpting research. finished
fishing research Fishing research This article will investigate the techniques behind normal fishing, ice fishing, and fishing for mechanical fish. In particular, we will evaluate the claim on tibia.com that -your chance to catch [a fish] will increase with your fishing skill.- finished
item resistance research Item resistance research Have you ever tried to get 100% physical resistance by using a Stone Skin Amulet and a Might Ring, only to be surprised that you still take damage? This article should help you better understand how resistance items work. finished
distance research Secret of distance Overall research concentrated around distance fighting, if you are a paladin for sure you wont be disapointed! finished
shield research Secret of shielding We have decided to find out how the shielding skill works... finished
armor research Secret of armor dmg reduction In this research we was trying to find the answers to 2 questions: What is the armor damage reduction formula?; What is better to use: higer armor equipement or equipement which reduces physical dmg. If you want to know what we have found, then check this article. finished
conjure food research Conjure food research In this research we have checked the chance of getting each kind of food, and the average mana regeneration from conjured food finished
rusty research Secret of rusty items We are investigating what kind of items we are able to obtain from rusty items, depending on the creature it came from. Furthermore - we want to find out what the chance is to retrieve each item! in progress
skinning research Secret of skinning and dusting We have decided to answer the question: What is the chance to get creature products such as skin or dust by using an obsidian knife/blessed wooden stake on chosen monsters bodies? in progress
ice cubes research Secret of ice cubes What are the chances of carving an ice mammoth from ice cubes? We have decided to find out.. finished
lottery tickets research Secret of lottery tickets Ever wondered the chances of winning in the lottery? Find out here! finished
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