Armor research
Research done by:Gorak
Article written by: Kagonesti

Most tibia players wonder how their armor works, for example; is it worth spending a lot of money to buy better armor or is it just waste of money? or when is it better to use dwarven legs instead of golden legs.
Now thanks to Gorak who researched this you can find the answers!

Methodology - how was it done

To find the answers to these questions first data had to be gathered on damage reduction, from which Gorak could create a formula.
The easiest way to collect data was using tools such as traps, or elemental arrows. "Why traps?" you may ask - because traps always deal the same damage to a target (30 damage to target without any armor). When Gorak had selected his tool all that was left to do was gathering data. He did dozens of tests for many different armor values to gain accurate results. So far it sounds time consuming but simple. Now, the more difficult work starts.

Ok, so we have lots of numbers, what now? Gorak sorted the values to be able to extract information from the data he gathered earlier. For example he extracted the minimum and maximum damage reduction for each armor value he used in his tests. With these values, our researcher began to see the bigger picture and devised a formula that corresponded to the data he had gathered.

Researcher surrounded by numbers

When the formula was ready all that was left to do, was to test it. When the tests confirmed that Goraks formula was correct the research was complete. Using this new formula we can now tell you how armor impacts the physical damage reduction. You can see it for yourself with our damage reduction calculator.

Now, thanks to the new calculator we can answer the question that were mentioned earlier:

Is it better to use golden legs or dwarven legs?

This is a question many tibians have asked themselves and the answer is: "It depends" on the attackers strength.

Lets take a closer look at the two pairs of legs:
Golden legs have armor 9,which reduces at least 4 and most 7 damage (average 5,5).
Dwarven legs have 7 armor and a physical damage reduction of 3%.
The armor rating reduces 3-5 damage (average 4) [please note that these values may differ a bit (+/- 1 dmg) while using full set of armor].
The difference between the armor reductions is 1 to 2 damage (average 1,5), but we can't forget the physical resistance which is offered by dwarven legs (3%), If it reduces more then 1,5 damage then the dwarven legs are more usefull than golden legs.
But when does it reduce at least 1,5 damage? This is the case when the attacker does at least 50 physical damage (in a single hit). The more damage he does the better the dwarven legs are compared to the golden legs (for example if the attacker hits you for 500 damage then the physical resistance will reduce the damage by 15, which is a lot more then the extra armor reduction that golden legs gives).

The conclusion is that while fighting with weaker creatures (creatures that rarely do more than 50 physical damage in a single hit) its better to use golden legs, but when you are planning to fight with stronger creatures (creatures that usually hit for more then 50 damage with each physical hit) its better to switch to dwarven legs. The stronger the creature you fight is, the bigger the difference is damage reduction between golden legs and dwarven legs is.

We can use similar calculations to find out when its better to use other items that increase your physical resistance instead of using normal armors (check picture below).

Comparison of armors

If you are interested in power of your shield take a look at the shield research - coming soon!

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