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The advent of offline training has made everyone's life a little easier, and a lot more lazy. In a recent poll, 75% of people said they liked offline training, 20% did not, and 5% did not care. For premium players, simply logging out at an appropriate statue can increase your melee skills (except for fist), shielding, magic, or distance. This article will serve the purpose of explaining how this works, how fast you gain skills offline, and how this correlates to online training. As you read this article, and for the future, you might be interested to test out some of your own values on our skill calculator.

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Melee Training

Melee training (axe, sword, and club) gains the equivalent of 15 hits per minute, 50% of what is normal if you train perfectly. Just like normal online training, offline melee training advances at different rates for different vocations. The chart below shows the relative skill levels of each vocation gained after approximately one year of offline training (including regeneration time). As you can see a knight could achieve skill 104; a paladin, 63; a druid, 28; and a sorcerer, 26.

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Shielding Training

Shielding gains the equivalent of 7.5 hits per minute, 12.5% of what you would gain online with two creatures hitting you or 25% of what you would gain online with one creature hitting you. Below is a chart which compares the rates of advancing between the different vocations over a one year period including regeneration. As you can see, both Paladins and Knight advance at the same rate as do Druids and Sorcerers. Although the 96 shield achieved by Knights is less than what they achieved in melee fighting, both Druids and Sorcerers do significantly better than their melee training.

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Magic Training

To advance in magic, offline training equates one minute offline with a regeneration of 30 mana. This is 50% of what a promoted Druid or Sorcerer would have gained (60 mana/minute online), 75% of what a Royal Paladin would have gained (40 mana/minute online), or 150% of what an Elite Knight would have gained (20 mana/ minute online). This means that for a knight, 12 hours offline training is equivalent to actually 18 hours online. The total mana gained in one offline training session would be 43,200 mana worth approximately 19.4k if you simply drank small mana potions and returned the flasks. The chart below shows what this would look like over the course of a year.

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Distance Training

Distance fighting gains 12 hits per minute, but determining the online equivalency is difficult. As discussed in this skill research article, there is a hit counter for online training that requires a person to damage a creature for blood every 30 hits. Your hit counter fills up every time you hit a creature, or up to 2 creatures hit you per round. This means that normally, with two creatures hitting you, you must bleed your target every 20 seconds (10 rounds @ 3 hits/round). With distance training, this changes since every blood or spark counts as 2 hits so each round. If you were able to spark or bleed the target every round and had two creatures hitting you, you would have to bleed your target every 14 seconds (7 rounds @ 4 hits/round). This, of course, is not the case, since the chance to hit your target changes based upon the type of weapon or ammunition you use, your skill level, and how far away from the target you are. Our recently released distance training calculator takes all of this into account for you. However, you must make sure that you hit the creature for blood (spark does not reset the hit counter) the number of times the wise old mage tells you, or else his predictions will not be accurate (there is already a random factor built in since the hit% can vary for each person on each training session). This number is based upon the desired skill level, and may actually change for lower skills.

The raw stats for advancing during offline training are summarized in the chart below. As you can see, a paladin's distance skill advances at approximately the same rate as a knight's melee skills, although perhaps a bit faster. On the other hand, a knight does not advance in fast in distance as a paladin does in melee. Druids and sorcerers advance at a similar rate, although again druids have the slight advantage.

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Offline training of distance uses essentially a different mechanic than online training since it does not account for blood or spark hits that count as two hits towards advancing in a skill. Based upon a typical training scenario of standing 2 square meters away from the training target (the most efficient) using small stones or spears, online training will reach the maximum hit % (meaning the most blood and spark hits) at around distance 29. Because this is not counted in offline training, the efficiency of training decreases from skills 10 to 29 (see the chart below). Unlike previous skills that had a constant efficiency either between all vocations, or vocation specific in the case of magic skill, the efficiency of offline training depends on the distance skill. For paladins, after the first day when they reach distance 45 their efficiency hovers around 23%. Knights take a week to reach this point, druids a year, and sorcerers close to five years. For this reason (overall higher efficiency during training), mages have a slight advantage while training distance offline versus online compared to paladins and knights.

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