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What language version are you using while reading our articles?
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How many of your deaths were caused by kick/freeze? (1928)
0%  (122)
1% - 25%  (289)
26% - 50%  (267)
51% - 75%  (339)
> 75%  (911)
Which of those new features you would like to see first at www.Tibia-Stats.com? (1089)
Skill ranking  (175)
Forum  (64)
Tibia-Stats account  (263)
More calculators  (141)
More articles  (34)
Research results  (153)
Kill statistics  (197)
Language versions  (62)
What do you think about tibia-stats.com new layout? (1189)
I like it very much !  (718)
It's OK  (190)
I haven't seen the old one  (85)
The previous one was better  (81)
I really don't like it !  (115)
What do you think about the newest CIP's plans concerning world character transfering? (581)
I really like it!  (155)
I like it  (81)
I don't care  (62)
I don't like it  (63)
I really don't like it!  (220)
Are you going to transfer your character to other world (for ~20 euro fee)? (989)
Yes  (226)
I'm thinking about it  (207)
No  (556)
What do you think about our current display of creature resistances? (441)
I really like it, it doesnt need any changes  (144)
I like it, I have no problems with understanding it  (101)
It's ok, but some adjustments would be nice  (98)
I dont like it, I have problems with understanding it  (29)
I really don't like it, you should change resistance indicator  (69)
What do you think about Tibia-Stats research results? (3349)
I cant wait to see next article!  (1764)
I like it  (1109)
I don't care  (169)
I don't like it  (73)
It was waste of time!  (234)
What is your opinion about planed changes by CIPs (to make potions and runes stackable)? (3141)
I love it  (1391)
I like it  (634)
I don't care  (254)
I don't like it  (236)
I hate it  (626)
Do you like the new Tibia's highscore feature - Achievements? (2058)
It's great!  (759)
It's ok  (360)
I don't care  (433)
I don't like it  (156)
I hate it  (350)
The last server quest caused chaos with the daily/weekly experience records. We would like to ask you what action should be taken by Tibia-Stats. (1044)
Reset every players best day/week records  (359)
Reset manually selected players best day/week records  (479)
Take no action and leave the records as they currently are  (206)
Tibia-Stats is planing to organize its first competition in which you will be able to win Tibiora's Box. In your opinion what talents should it require? (3029)
Drawing  (255)
Story writing  (362)
Movie making  (261)
Mathematic skills  (1420)
None - it should be simmilar to lottery  (509)
Talents which are not included on the list  (222)
What is your opinnion about our current riddle contest? (1551)
I really like it!  (712)
I like it  (473)
It's ok... but I'm not participating  (195)
I don't like it  (54)
I really don't like it!  (117)
The last riddle is almost finished, pick the seal which should be solved at our contest page (you have time untill 1pm CET 27th FEB). (296)
seal 1 (a)  (22)
seal 2 (b)  (19)
seal 3 (c)  (18)
seal 4 (d)  (21)
seal 5 (e)  (19)
seal 6 (f)  (19)
seal 7 (g)  (21)
seal 8 (h)  (60)
seal 9 (i)  (97)
Would you be interested in open for everyone Tibia-Stats forum? (551)
Yes, I will for sure use it!  (255)
Yes, most likely I will use it  (61)
Maybe I will use it  (83)
No, most likely I will not use it  (55)
No, for sure I will not use it!  (97)
Which Tibia client are you going to use? (6291)
c++ (old one)  (5711)
flash client  (580)
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What language version are you using while reading our articles?