Tibia-Stats' fansite item competition


Tibia-Stats' fansite item contest

Table of contents:

Submited works

Additional informations about submited works


We need your help!

As you know each supported/promoted fansite is allowed to have its own fansite item in game. Tibia-Stats didn't haste with starting the item competition, mainly because we wanted our visitors (yep you are one of them) to get familiar with Tibia-Stats content.

Few months has passed since we became a supported fansite, a lot of players had an occasion to check our site. So the time has come to get our own unique item! For that we need your help!

If you want to try your artistic skills, then here is your chance to do so!


First place:

  • Fansite item once it's ingame
  • one of following items: nightmare doll (nightmare doll) or teddy bear (teddy bear) or medal of honor (medal of honor)
  • golden trophy of excellence (golden trophy of excellence)
  • 99 charge rune of your choice
  • 30 days premium time

Second place:

  • nightmare doll (nightmare doll)
  • silver trophy of excellence (silver trophy of excellence)
  • 30 days premium time
  • 99 charge rune of your choice

Third place:

  • bronze trophy of excellence (bronze trophy of excellence)
  • 30 days premium time
  • 99 charge rune of your choice


Of course there are some rules which have to be followed in order to participate:

  • The contest will end at the 15th of may 2010 - this is the last day on which you can submit your work.
  • The item has to be made by you! - any kind of plagiarism is not allowed
  • The item has to be somehow connected with the Tibia-Stats site
  • Since its a contest for our own fansite item, we expect you to be part of our community - you are required to have a tibia-stats account - registered with the character which is participating in the contest.
  • You are allowed to submit as many works as you want
  • The winning projects will be chosen in 2 phases: first we (chosen judges from Tibia-Stats team members) will choose 5 best projects, then from these 5, CIP members will choose the 3 winning works.
  • Judges from Tibia-Stats are not allowed to participate in the contest

How to submit your project

To submit your work, please send it to our competition e-mail address:


As title write your character name, and suggested item name. Inside the e-mail add the additional informations about submitted work.


E-mail title:
Kagonesti, golden microscope
golden microscope.png
Mail content:
name of the object: Golden microscope
description: It helps to better understand the Tibia world
weight: 15 oz
when used: you can see: It has been rewarded to -name- by Tibia-Stats
should it be possible to carry it in one of the body slots? - yes
does it glow: yes, yellow color

Note: for item presentation purpose you may attach gif file (32x32 px) on different backround (transparent for exampe); animated etc, but still you have to send each single frame on neutral backround (pink) in png/bmp files.

In case, when you will want to edit the submitted item graphic, please send the fixed project at the same address writing as title "item change - item id. - your character name".

We will update the page containing submitted projects once per day - each item will get its own id number.

You can discuss the contest topics at tibia.com forum - thread: #2977488

Additional informations about submitted works

>> Technical details

  • size: 32 x 32 pixel
  • it can be animated, but may contain 16 animation phases at the max
  • it needs to be on a monochrome background, that has a color that does not exist in the item itself, e.g. pink
  • it needs to be saved either as a bmp or a png file

>> Content requirements

  • it needs to fit into Tibia's setting
  • it should not contain any direct references to a country, e.g. a Brazilian flag
  • it's a deco or fun item only, it will not change any character skills or stats
  • it needs to be a takable item, for example it cannot be solid furniture, but a bedside lamp would be alright

>> Graphical style

  • it needs to have dark outlines
  • it shouldn't be too different from other Tibia items
  • CipSoft's content team reserves the right to revise the item

>> Further information needed by the content team

  • name of the object
  • description (e.g. it was rewarded by fansite xy)
  • weight
  • should it do anything when you "use" it? One of the following options is possible:
  • it can be written on once (e.g., a dedication text)
  • it's rewritable
  • it makes sounds and /or has small effects (e.g., "hail fansite xy" + hearts)
  • should it glow in the dark, and if yes, in which color?
  • should it be possible to carry it in one of the body slots?

If you wish to have a fansite item that can be hung on walls, you will need to give us three images (one version for the northern walls, one version for the southern walls, and one version for the item when it's not hung on a wall (32x32)). Having items that are hangable is quite difficult, because of the perspective of Tibia. If somebody wants to create a graphic for a hanging object, the tapestry that you can find in Tibia already could help as a guide.

The winning item can only be implemented in Tibia, if the creator has signed the following disclaimer (DO NOT SEND IT IF YOU HAVENT BEEN ASKED TO DO IT - if you didn't win the contest):

Dear item creator,

Please sign the following disclaimer and send it back to fansites@tibia.com.


I hereby confirm that the submitted artwork is my own creation and that it does not plagiarize someone else's work! I know that all entries become the property of CipSoft. By participating, I agree that CipSoft has the right to edit and/or publish the item.

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