Royal painting contest


Royal painting contest

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Submited works


"Ooooh dear...! Vad Inchi and Lou Toose, the two most famous Tibian painters, are facing a real problem. They both have received order to create a painting for one of the Royals. Lou Toose has to try to please Queen Eloise of Carlin with his art, while Vad Inchi needs to do the same for King Tibianus of Thais. Both painters are desperate, facing huge empty canvases, being aware that this painting could be the very last they ever create. The rivalry between the Queen and the King is well-known throughout the Tibian lands and being caught in the middle of it all might become life-threatening in the end.

So while the King and the Queen sit together, both being certain that they have picked the better painter, Vad Inchi and Lou Toose are confronted with the most stressful situation they ever had to face - and both have the probelm that they cannot paint well under pressure. Can you help them?

Royal Painting Contest

This contest consists of two rounds. The preliminaries take place on some of our supported and promoted fansites. Until January 19 you can submit either a picture related to Carlin or a picture related to Thais. Please have a look at this post for further details about the picture, rules of the contest, prizes and a complete list of participating fansites.

Each fansite will choose each, a winning pictures for Carlin, and for Thais. From these pictures, the final winners will be chosen by us, and they will serve as inspiration for our two desperate painters in the castles.

Wallpainitng spots

In case you need inspiration yourself, please have a look at the city guides of Carlin and Thais.

Good luck!
Your Community Managers"


In the preliminaries, you can win the following prizes:

First place:

  • A golden trophy of excellence (golden trophy of excellence)
  • A golden rune emblem of your choice
  • you move on to the finals

Second place:

  • A silver trophy of excellence (silver trophy of excellence)
  • A silver rune emblem of your choice

Third place:

  • A bronze trophy of excellence (bronze trophy of excellence)

In the finals, you can win::

  • A full year of premium time
  • A CM Token
  • Fame - by being named in a news
  • Also, Vad Inchi and Lou Toose will appreciate your help very much and will use your picture for inspiration.

  • Our fansite item Tibiora's box! (Tibiora's box) - NOTE that to get this item the work has to be submited to Tibia-Stats.


Of course there are some rules which have to be followed in order to participate:

Global rules:

  • Only 1 picture: You need to create a picture that refers to either Carlin or Thais. You can participate for one city only. If we receive two pictures of the same artist for both cities, both pictures will be excluded from the contest.
  • No Screenshots, but everything else: Except for screenshots, you can do whatever comes to your mind: draw, pixel, use colours, make it black and white, take a foto, do a collage, etc. Your picture will work as concept art for our graphic artist, who will then pixel the ideas of the winning pictures onto the canvases in the castles. Please do not expect that the picture in the castle will look exactely like yours. It is the idea that counts.
  • Participate on 1 fansite only: Check the detailed rules of the fansite you would like to use to participate. You can only participate on one fansite only. If we receive two pictures of the same artist from two different fansites, both pictures will be excluded from the contest.
  • Do not forget to submit your character name: When you submit your work on one fansite, please do not forget to submit your character name as well. This will be the character that the prizes are sent to in the end, and without a character name, your submission cannot be judged.
  • No plagiarism: Your submission must not infringe any copyright, trademark or other property right of any third party. By participating, you confirm that the submitted artwork is your own creation. Also, you grant CipSoft a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, publish, perform and display any ideas and concepts in your submission.

Additional Tibia-Stats' rules:

  • We expect you to be part of our community - you are required to have a tibia-stats account - registered with the character which is participating in the contest.
  • The character's level has to be at least 20 (we require that in order to reduce the chance of "plagiarism spam".
  • You have to have fun! :]

Timeframe in short::

  • January 5th: starting date
  • January 19th: Contest ends on fansites
  • January 26th: all participating fansites have forwarded the winning pictures for Carlin and the winning picture for Thais.
  • January 28th: CMs have forwarded their three choices for each city to the content team

List of participating fansites

By winning this contest, you can even help your favourite fansite to fame. One or two of these fansites will be the home of Carlin's or Thais' best royal painter:

How to submit pictures

To submit your work, please send it to our competition e-mail address:


In the title write your character name, and the competition name (ex: Myname; royal painting contest). To the e-mail attach the picture or link to it (we accept only links to popular picture hosting pages such as photobucket or imageshack). Questions like "is my picture/photo nice?" or "do I have chance to win?" won't be answered - you will have to wait till our verdict.

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