Tibia-Stats account

I want to create an account, where can I do this?
To create Tibia-Stats account press the "create account" button at top left corner of the site.
I have some problems while creating Tibia-Stats account, can you help me?
Check our "Tibia-Stats account article", where we have tried to explain step by step what you have to do in order to successfully create T-S account.
I have created Tibia-Stats account, now what?
The main purpose of Tibia-Stats account is to create your own personal statistics using yours applied server-log data. To add new data to yours account database, you have to:
  • Step 1: Be loged at Tibia-Stats
  • Step 2: Use count loot calculator (check count loot calculator FAQ section for more info)
  • Step 3: At result page you may choose if your hunt was done in party - by checking "party". You mas as well uncheck the groups of creatures, which you don't want to add to your database (for example groups of creatures containing summons, fake-demons etc.)
  • Step 4: Press "add to database" button to finish the process
Count loot calculator

How do I use the loot calculator?
It's very simple, just copy your server log data, then paste it to our loot calculator text window, after that all you have to do is to click the "calculate" button to see kill and loot statistics. If you are a registered user you may choose creatures that you want to add to your character statistics with the tick boxes.
How do I get the data from server log?

There are two possibile ways to save server log data:

  • Saving server log

    That is the best way to save your loot data.

    To save a server log right click at "server log" channel bookmark and choose "save window" (pic 2.2).

    Pic 2.2 save window

    After successfuly saving your server log, you should get message at the default channel saying where the file has been saved (pic 2.3).

    Pic 2.3 path to server log.txt

    If you are planning to continue your hunt, then after saving server log window clear it (right click at server log bookmark and choose "clear window" (pic 2.4), thanks to that you won't save the same data twice.).

    Pic 2.4 clear window

    It is good to save your server log and clear it at least every hour, so you don't lose data.

    When you finish your hunt go to the folder where server log.txt file has been saved - path* to the file is shown at default channel after saving the server log (pic 2.3). Open the file, check if option "wrap"/"break line" is off then select all text (ctrl+a; or right click and choose select all) then copy it (ctrl+c; or right click and choose copy). Copied data paste to the www.tibia-stats.com loot calculator (see: How to use loot caluclator). To not see the data from your previous hunts, its good to delete or move the "server log.txt" file to other folder after each finished hunt.

    * Note that you have to mark 'show hidden files and folder' option to be able to find the tibia folder. To do so:
    • Win XP: at "my computer" click at "tools" -> folder options -> view -> mark "show hidden files and folders".
    • Win XP and Vista: go to control panel -> folder options -> view -> mark 'show hidden files and folders'.
  • Copying lines directly from tibia client

    The other option is to save server log channel directly from the Tibia client. It is a faster method but in the same time you may loose data if your hunt a longer one.

    Right click at server log window and choose "select all" (pic 2.1), then copy it (ctrl+c; or click right mouse button at server log window and select "copy").

  • Pic 2.1 - select all
My server log is spammed, what can I do?
At current shape server log is spammed with informations about dmg, look, loot etc. There is a way to reduce this spamm by not displaying dmg info, to do so click options->console and there uncheck "show status message in console" (pic 3)
Pic 3 - console


How can I know that this creature data isn't fake?
We can assure you that all loot data is gathered properly. Only a few chosen players can add data to the main creature database, and the data is gathered from our personal server logs. That guarantees that the data is not fake.
Why can't I see the exact number of creatures/items in the main database?
Only several people from tibia-stats staff has access to exact numbers.
We have decided to hide such information as exact number of killed monsters or number of looted items to avoid data thievery. But don't panic - you still can get the idea of the approximate amount of killed creatures, and what chance there is to loot specific items.
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