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------------------------------- Tibia-stats change log since ver. 0.0.1 - beta ------------------------------- 3-10-10, ver 0.6 NEW - simple version of forum added - private NEW - beta version of account creation tool added NEW - full character parsing tool added NEW - updated the creature database with resistance values FIX - footer fixed FIX - fixed invalid entries from best day/week statistics FIX - invalid entires to data base removed CHN - changes at news section 1-08-09, ver 0.5.5 NEW - new calculator added to calculators section - "melee damage calculator" NEW - beta version of spell section added - private 25-07-09, ver 0.5.4 CHN - magic damage calculator published for public 19-07-09, ver 0.5.3 NEW - beta version of magic damage calcualator added (private only) NEW - 2nd part of "closer look at death penalty" has been added NEW - beta version of widgets for account statistics NEW - advertisemen spot has been added - skyscraper CHN - skill section became public CHN - FAQ section has been updated CHN - changes of news page CHN - changes in items and creatres database, new tool to set data display date 28-06-09, ver 0.5.0 NEW - "jump to world" added to right menu NEW - new article "test server report (summer 2009)" added NEW - new poll added - asking about the new site layout CHN - changes of whole site layout 13-05-09, ver 0.4.6 NEW - Skill section added to the site (private at the moment) FIX - fixed bug with IE (very long left menu). 07-05-09, ver 0.4.5 NEW - New calculator - party - added to calculators section CHN - changes in character history - number of days in history reduced to 30 CHN - creature and item database has been cleared after fixing the bugs FIX - . bug with has been fixed 30-05-09, ver 0.4.4 FIX - ' bug has been fixed 23-05-09, ver 0.4.3 NEW - new section at left menu - "polls" NEW - new poll started "Which of those new features you would like to see first at www.Tibia-Stats.com?" CHN - poll about kick deaths has been moved to finished polls at poll section. CHN - Best daily experience as well as best weekly experience changed from private to public 16-05-09, ver 0.4.2 NEW - Best one day experience added to private section MEW - Best weekly experience added to priavate section CHN - changes in statistics scripts structures 11-05-09, ver 0.4.1 CHN - Position, Vocation, Level, Experience, World, Max exp gain, Max level, Max position - values added at character page. CHN - changes in graphical dispay of character page 02-05-09, ver 0.4.0 NEW - "view player" added on right menu panel NEW - Graphs added to character experience statistics NEW - "Compare players" function added NEW - New article ("Pro's and Con's of a Tibian Vocation") added to article section NEW - Position, Vocation, Level, Experience, World, Max exp gain, Max level, Max position - added to character page - without values. CHN - changes at News page - removing the golden ticket brick, changing the article brick. CHN - Golden Tickets has been removed from the site. 28-04-09, ver 0.3.9 NEW - global experience rankings added - for all worlds, pvp, non pvp and pvp-e. NEW - new article added - "the closer look at death penalty (part 2); NEW - "interesting features at tibia-stats" added to the main page. CHN - Changes in database structure. 25-04-09, ver 0.3.8 NEW - added new compettion to - competition section and main site. NEW - Character statistics in beta version - exp from last 30 days displayed CHN - Changes in experience statistics: arrows showing char growth (level, position); colors for +/- exp from last day; links to: www.tibia.com char page and tibia-stats character statistics CHN - Making the statistics section public. 21-04-09, ver 0.3.7 FIX = automatic script which gathers exp data from www.tibia.com fixed, it works for all worlds now. NEW = server type and world flag displayed at exp statistic section. CHN = data gatering from www.tibia.com time changed CHN = changes inside the site - changes in file structure; "cutting" main site 19-04-09, ver 0.3.6 CHN = automatic data gathering script from www.tibia.com, added all worlds to private (beta version) exp statistics. CHN = changes at article section, graphic added. CHN = small graphical changes at homepage (news). NEW = new script for data parsing fot tibia.com site. NEW = added new tibia-stats aritcle to the article section. 18-04-09, ver 0.3.5 CHN = changes in creatures drop display - we went back from % to average value. NEW = private, beta version of experience statistics for world Astera. 13-04-09, ver 0.3.4 CHN = modified competition section - graphic and short descriptions has been added CHN = modified researches section - graphic and short descriptions has been added 11-04-09, ver 0.3.3 CHN = changes at calculators section - graphic and short descriptions added FIX = stamina calculator fixed (last stamina h is counted properly now when, current stmaina is higer than 41h NEW = private, working beta version of exp/skills data gathering script 04-04-09, ver 0.3.2 NEW = new calculator added - stamina calc. 31-03-09, ver 0.3.1 NEW = several banners to other sites added. NEW = exp calculator added. CHN = smaller changes at site, background etc. 17-03-09, ver 0.2.9 NEW = small site statistics added on the right panel. CHN = changes in administrator tools - view loot, delete loot etc. 16-03-09, ver 0.2.8 CHN = visual changes, new banner. FIX = site properly working under ie. 15-03-09, ver 0.2.7 NEW = added new section to the left menu - competitions. 11-03-09, ver 0.2.6 CHN = several changes in site code, preaparing it for language versions NEW = New article added to article section 10-03-09, ver 0.2.5 CHN = Overal changes in tibia site graphical design (new banner, background, text windows etc.) FIX = fixed bugs displayed under firefox browser 01-03-09, ver 0.2.4 CHN = Visual changes on the site, new icons on the left panel NEW = Making the article section usable - links to tibia.com articles 28-02-09, ver 0.2.3 CHN = Moving the site to the new paid server 21-02-09, ver 0.2.3 CHN = Minor changes in loot predicting Calculator, making it public CHN = Moving site to new - temporary - server 19-02-09, ver 0.2.3 NEW = "loot predicting calculator" - private beta version added 16-02-09, ver 0.2.1 NEW = "message/state" panel in top left corner CHN = item details script updated 15-02-09, ver 0.2.0 FIX = bug in addLoot fixed FIZ = a lot of minor bugs fixed NEW = jQuerry scripts in news, monster and loot section NEW = new menu links (Articls, Calculators, Research) NEW = new monster "view" NEW = certificates introduced NEW = FAQ section NEW = 'About us' section NEW = Homepage with news NEW = News management CHN = Search results with "edit" links CHN = Loot viewer upgraded, sumup loot added CHN = Loot db field date changed from date to datetime CHN = Lots of different changes that i forgot about.. 05-02-09, ver 0.1.2b NEW = categorized item view enabled FIX = item category drop down box avalible in "edit item" 04(05)-02-09, ver 0.1.2 FIX = db query for item details (list of monsters which can drop item) optimized FIX = adding loot error fixed NEW = basic loot viewer introduced 02-02-09, ver 0.1.1 FIX = add to database, login and search dont cause browser to open page in the new window FIX = picture upload fixed NEW = banner added CHN = page moved to the new server CHN = monster count shows real values when parsin loot CHN = item names no longer in plural form 29-01-2009, ver 0.1.0 NEW = user have a choice of adding (or not) specific monster to the database CHN = when deleting item/monster confirmation window appears CHN = weight number format changed to float 27-01-2009, ver 0.0.9 FIX = item icons upload fixed NEW = Item icons added to monsters stats NEW = Item features added (price, atc, arm, def, weight) CHN = fotter text edited CHN = item icon size changed to 32x32px 26-01-2009, ver 0.0.8 NEW = Search bar added, search monster, item and user functionality introduced NEW = edit item feature added NEW = item icons visible at items stats and list NEW = task change is avalible CHN = footer text changed 24-01-2009, ver 0.0.7 NEW = edit monster feature added NEW = monster icons visible at monsters stats and monster list 22-01-2009, ver 0.0.6 FIX = deleting loot bug fixed. NEW = task submission tool NEW = task viewer CHN = databse connection engine changed 21-01-2009, ver 0.0.5 NEW = delete monster available NEW = delete item available NEW = delete items with count = 0 available NEW = delete monsters with count = 0 available FIX = items with containing ' are added corectly FIX = some spelling errors corected in items plural forms 20-01-2009, ver 0.0.4 NEW = 'Kills to get one' column in monster stats NEW = 'Loot management available - a loot of details still to be made' NEW = DB Settings management available 19-01-2009, ver 0.0.3a FIX = Checking if new users login exists in database FIX = "adding privilege" bug fixed 18-01-2009, ver 0.0.3 NEW = 'My account' option available. (changing password) NEW = 'User management' option available (deleting, creating, editing privileges). CHN = 'Monsters' & 'Items' links are now available to unlogged users CHN = login engine changed, new sub functions written. CHN = 'logged in' welcome message changed to "Hi _login_ !" CHN = DB modified, new field in users table (checking if account is active) 17-01-2009, ver 0.0.2 NEW = displaying script execution time (new configuration setting) NEW = items stored as classes NEW = counting max & min loot from items NEW = item viewer and item "stats" are now available NEW = hyperlinks to items defined in database CHN = database structure slighty changed - previously saved data lost - sorry guys :P CHN = huge rebuilt in parsing scripts 16-01-2009, ver 0.0.1 FIX = Loot of (a|an|" ") accepted by parser. FIX = Database structure changed, "multiplying monsters" bug fixed. NEW = primitive Change Log introduced. CHN = average values are rounded to 4th decimal place since this version
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