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It was a clear and cold night. A full moon illuminated a strange looking box... THE BOX!... this box contained the entire knowledge of Tibia gathered for years by a secret group of people wearing the mark of T-S. It was shrouded in silence; not even a single creature dared to come near it. Suddenly the box started to emit a pulsing sound which cut through the silence like a knife cuts through warm butter. After a while the sound stopped and the box slowly started to open...

Hundred of miles away in Thais, the last living Prophet suddenly awoke. Witnesses said that the panic could be seen in his eyes and he repeated the same sentence over and over again:

- "The time has come! The box is going to open!.. The time has..."

Not even an army of druids could help the Prophet, no one knew what was going to happen - but everyone knew that there was something terribly wrong... Two days later the Prophet regained consciousness and managed to send a telepathic message to all living creatures...

- "I won't be able to hold all of this knowledge that I absorbed from the box much longer! When I fail, I'm afraid that no one will be able to shoulder the box's burden of all the riddles and secrets that have not beensolved yet. Our only hope is to close the box! T-S people are already trying to close it, but they need more help to do so... I can't hold it for so long, that is why I need your help. If you are willing to help answer some of the riddles, it will help lift some of the burden off me. That's our only hope! It should give T-S members enough time to seal the box."

After sending this telepathic message, the Prophet returned to his catatonic state repeating the same words: "Solve the riddles, it's our only hope".

After "hearing" this, chaos filled Tibia. People were heard saying:
- "What was that?"
- "Hum? The box? Knowledge? What is going on?"
- "Who the hell are this T-S people?!"
- "Who gave this guy the permission to get into my head?!"
And so on...

A few hours later every human being was spammed with psychic information, the riddles! Most Tibians were too weak to think while under such mental pressure and lost consciousness, but some (those hearing this message) could still think clearly! The future of Tibia lands is in your hands! Will you manage to save the world?


riddle contest rewards

Note: One player will be able to get only one reward, therefore the Top Scorer will not be able to win again in the "Lottery for all contest participants." In addition, if a player places two or more times in the "Lottery for all contest participants" they will have to choose which reward they want. The results will then be shifted accordingly. For example, If a player places 1st as well as a special reward, and chooses the special reward then 2nd place person moves to 1st place, and 3rd place moves to second place. If the same person chooses 1st place reward and the special reward was awarded for the last place person, the 2nd last place person would win the special reward.

The lottery will be made on supported fansite specialized in lotteries -> TibiaLottery.
Also Shane who likes cake (TibiaLottery's owner) was so kind to sponsor his fansite item (Lucky clover amulet) in our lottery.


  • You are required to have a tibia-stats account.
  • The character's level (on which the T-S account is registered) has to be at least 20.
  • The tibia account must be created before Feb. 1, 2011
  • You can participate in the contest using only one character
  • During the contest (and until the winners are announced), the character which you use in the competition has to be unhidden at www.tibia.com

  • Players blacklisted by Tibia-Stats are not allowed to particiapte in this contest

For any atempt of cheating, the cheater will get lifetime ban from Tibia-Stats - so think twice before trying anything illegal - we have our methods to catch cheaters.

Since the only person who knows the riddles is Tibia-Stats' admin (Kagonesti) and the result interpretation is automatic (no chance for biased judgment), other tibia-stats members are allowed to participate in the contest.

Additional info:

  • There will be 10 riddles
  • To solve each riddle you will have 2 days since it has been published
  • For each correctly solved riddle you will get 1 point
  • Lottery will be made on supported fansite specialized in lotteries - TibiaLottery
  • All answers to the riddles have to be submited in numeric format. So for example if the question is: What is the result of: 2+2*2? You have to enter: "6" (without "") to get the point. Answers such as: "six" or "6 " (with a space after the number) will be considered as incorrect ones! That is why while submitting the answer remember that you may do that only once per question. So check carefully if you made any mistake while writing it since you won't be able to correct it!.

Current riddle

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Previous riddles with answers

First riddle

Long time ago in a country forgotten by time, lived king named Itsenogak the fifth. This king hated his predecessor - Itsenogak the fourth - so much that he decided to remove digit "4" (four) from his kingdom. So number after 3 was 5; next number after 39 was 50 and so on.

The question:
What number did Itsenogak the fifth change 44 to?

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The easiest way to find the correct number is the following method:

"Our" numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Itsenogak the fifth's numbers: 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25
"Our" numbers: 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
Itsenogak the fifth's numbers: 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 39 50 51 52 53 55 56 57 58 59

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602 players submitted answers to this question
282 (46,8%) of them was right

Second riddle

5 giant spiders catch 5 sheep in time of 5 hours.

The question:
How many sheep will be caught by 100 giant spiders in time of 100 hours?

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The tricky part in this riddle is time factor.

If 5 spiders catch 5 sheep in time of 5 hours.

Then 5 spiders will catch 100 (5x20) sheep in time of 100 hours.

This result has to be multiplied by 20 (in the question we ask for 100 gs, 100/5=20).

We get the final result: 2000.

Small statistics

697 players submitted answers to this question
501 (71,9%) of them was right

Third riddle

An old mage was conducting a very difficult experiment, and suddenly realized that he left his wand, without which he won't be able to continue his work, in his room. However if he left his laboratory, his experiment for sure would be destroyed.

With some doubts he decided to send his apprentice to get his staff for him. The young mage got the instructions to go to his master's chambers and before touching the staff he should write in the air a secret number which is the password removing all the defensive spells which have been put on the staff. He coded the secret number and gave his apprentice the piece of pergamin with the code (look at the picture).

The question:
What is the secret number hidden under the code?


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The "key" to solving this riddle is seeing what is written in the negative space BEETWEEN the lines.

In this case, it's the word NINE (9 in numeric format).


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660 players submitted answers to this question
288 (43,6%) of them was right

Fourth riddle

A girl named Ilavida sent a letter to her husband Karog. In the letter she said that she is planning to visit him in Svargrond (to spend Valentine's day together). Ilavida's ship was supposed to come to Svargrond at 5 pm. Karog was asked to take her from the harbor. Driving a dog-drawn sledge, it takes exactly one hour (1h) to get to the harbor from Karog's research lab. But the ship was in Svargrond at 4 pm instead of 5 pm. Since it was cold Ilavida decided to go on foot to Karog's research lab. After some time she met her husband:

- "It's so great that I have met you - she said - I'm cold and tired :(."

Karog turned the sledge back, and they were back in the warm and cozy research lab exactly after 1 hour and 50 minutes since Karog left it.

The question:
How long did Ilavida walk towards the lab before she met her husband?

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In order to get to the harbor at 5 pm, Karog had to leave his laboratory at 4 pm.
Way from the labratory to the harbor and from the harbor back to the laboratory would take Karog 2 hours

This time it took him 1 hour and 50 minutes, so before he met Ilavida, he was driving 55 minutes. Since Ilavida also departed at 4 pm, she walked 55 minutes before meeting her husband.

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621 players submitted answers to this question
304 (48,9%) of them was right

Fifth riddle

The ship captain Buddel invited his client Aluhsirt, whom he was transporting to Okolnir, for a few drinks. The problem was that they had only one bottle of rum (2 liters). So they decided to mix it with water after the first round of drinks. First they drank one third of the bottle and then replenished it with clear water (after that the bottle was full of mixed rum with water). Next they drank half of the bottle and again replenished it with water. After that they drank one sixth of the bottle and again replenished it. Since everyone was tired of partying, they emptied (by drinking) the bottle in the next round and went to sleep.

The question:
How much rum and how much water did they (both of them) drink?

Note: The answer has to be placed in following order: xy

where x is rum in liters
and y is water in liters

example: if you think that they drank 5 liters of rum and 3 liters of water, your answer should be: 53 - don't use spaces or any other marks separating these two numbers.

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There was one bottle (b) of rum - the bottle can hold 2 liters (b=2 l) of liquid.

Since only water was used to replenish the bottle, the starting amount of rum didn't change - so they drank 2 liters of rum.

The bottle was replenished with water three times: first replenish: (1/3)b; second replenish (1/2)b; third replenish (1/6)b
So (1/3)b+(1/2)b+(1/6)b = amount of water which was used to replenish the bottle
All what we have to do now is to sum this three values:


The result shows us that the amount of water which was used to replenish the bottle is equal of one whole bottle -> 2 liters.

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534 players submitted answers to this question
426 (79,8%) of them was right

Sixth riddle

Snad Furc, the captain of a pirate ship, bought cheap swords from smugglers. When he was giving the swords to his crew it turned out that, two thirds of the swords are blunt, half of them were rusty, and one fourth was blunt and rusty at the same time. Only two swords were like new.

The question:
How many swords did Snad Furc buy?
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So we know that Snad bought:
(2/3)x - blunt swords
(1/2)x - rusty swords
(1/4)x - blunt and rusty at the same time
2 - swords like new

x - total number of swords
[(2/3)+(1/2)-(1/4)]x <-- this is the number of rusty and blunt swords (we have to substract 1/4 from the amount of rusty and blunt swords, to not count them two times (1/4 of swords was rusty and blunt at the same time)).

To count the total number of swords which Snad bought, we have to prepare following formula:


So we may count it like that



Small statistics

466 players submitted answers to this question
363 (77,9%) of them was right

Seventh riddle

One day Enahs (who likes cake) won in the lottery one million gold pieces. He was so happy that he decided to celebrate it in near cake shop. In the shop Enahs bought all the cakes which they had to offer - 96 cakes. When he was leaving, he saw two sad men who also wanted to eat some cake but there wasn't any left in the shop (since he took out all cakes). Enahs was so happy that he decided to invite those two hungry guys for the cake feast!

Enahs can eat 48 cakes per hour. Lavnilab (one of the invited guests) needs three hours to eat the same number of cakes (48 cakes). The other guest - Thgink Tiurcer can eat 2 cakes per hour.

The question
How much time does it take for three of them to eat all the cakes (96 cakes)?

Note: The answer has to be submitted in minutes format.
Example: If you think that it will take them 6 hours (360 minutes) then write: 360

If the result contains seconds then round it UP; example you got the result 360 min and 43 sec then as answer write: 361
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So we know that Enahs bought 96 cakes

We also know that:
Enahs eats 48 cakes per hour -> 1/2 of all cakes per hour
Lavnilab eats 48 cakes per 3 hours -> 16 cakes per hour 1/6 of all cakes per hour
Thgink Tiurcer eats 2 cakes per hour -> 1/48 of all cakes per hour

there are several methods to get to the result, here is one of them.

We can create such formula:

[(1/2)*(1/60)+(1/6)*(1/60)+(1/48)*1/60]T=1 -> T is the time in minutes, 1 represents whole job/task (which in this case is eating 96 cakes).


When we will round the result up we will get: 88
When we will round the result down we will get: 87

There is also an option where we asume that those 3 men doesnt share the cakes -> since Thgink Tiurcer can eat 2 cakes per hour, it means that he started to eat his third cake after 60 minutes and needed 30 more minutes to finish it -> the result in that case would 90 minutes.

All of these answers above has been accepted.

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471 players submitted answers to this question
414 (87,9%) of them was right

Eight riddle

Two researchers bearing a mark of the secret organization "T-S" discovered a suspicious cave in alchemist quarter (Yalahar). In this cave lives two totally new species of creatures. One of the new species (called "Yellow" for easier recognition) was observed by Ide Uz, the other one (called "Orange") was observed by Tenam.

Ide observed that each of Yellow creatures has six heads, eight legs, one tail, twenty four eyes and four wings. On the other hand Tenam observed that each Orange creature has eight heads, six legs, five tails, eight eyes and it doesn't have any wings.

After this observations they decided to count the creatures... the problem was that this creatures didn't leave the cave in groups. Since it was risky to enter such unknown cave, they used a special spell which was supposed to help them counting the creatures (when they casted the spell all cretures was inside the cave). The information which they got after casting the spell are as follow:
In the cave there are 146 heads of all creatures. They also found out that the sum of all the Yellow creatures eyes and all the Orange creatures legs is four times bigger than all Yellow creatures legs minus all Orange creatures eyes.

The question
What is the number of Yellow creatures and what is the number of Orange creatures.

Note: The answer has to be placed in following order: xy

where x is number of Yellow creatures
and y is number of Orange creatures

There is a chance that the spell didn't work correctly: in case if there is not enough informations to count the creatures, or the result of creature counting gives fraction result, it means that the spell didn't work -> In such case write 0 as an answer

-> if you think that there are 5 Yellow creatures and 3 Orange ones, your answer should be: 53 - don't use spaces or any other marks separating these two numbers.
-> If you think that there is 5 and 1/3 of yellow creatures write 0 as an answer.
-> If you think that the informations which you got from the spell is not enough to find out the amount of creatures then write 0.
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Basing on given information we may create such equation:

6x+8y=146 -> In the cave there are 146 heads of all creatures
24x+6y=4(8x-8y) -> sum of all the Yellow creatures eyes and all the Orange creatures legs is four times bigger than all Yellow creatures legs minus all Orange creatures eyes

And having this informations we can easily find x and y









Small statistics

383 players submitted answers to this question
287 (74,9%) of them was right

Ninth riddle

There is a man surrounded by one thousand doors, each of these doors have a unique number painted on them (a number from 1 to 1000, no number is repeated). The floor is covered with sand on which skeletons can be found. The man knows that 999 of the doors lead to annihilation and only one will lead him to safety. The only clue which he found is the seashell with engraved writing:


The question

Which door should the man choose in order to be safe? (which number should the door have to be the safe one?)

Note: This riddle is solvable, any questions concerning it will be ignored.
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Word "incolumitas" means - safety. Since its after this long sequence of numbers we may assume that next part of it should tell us which door are safe.

Helping hint in this riddle was the fact that this sequence of numbers was engraved on the seashell - seashell refers to well known "Fibonacci sequence of numbers" (check picture below).

In the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, each number is the sum of the previous two numbers, starting with 0 and 1.


In our reiddle w started with number 5 and 8. So:


Small statistics

426 players submitted answers to this question
334 (78,4%) of them was right

Tenth riddle

Thanks to the help of Tibians, who managed to resist the power of the Box and solve the riddles, the last Prophet was able to temporarily close the Box. Now is the only chance to seal it, as if it is opened again, no one will be able to close it!

In order to seal it, a member of a secret organization bearing the mark of T-S has to create a seal - a seal strong enough to hold the power of Tibiora's box... He has the coded seal marks from one hundred of the strongest mages in whole of Tibia (even Ferumbras, foreseeing the upcoming annihilation, decided to help). Sadly our brave hero, after so many mental attacks, is unable to solve the code of all scrolls, he needs help with nine of them, you have to help him!

The question:
What are the last nine symbols needed to finish the seal?

Example of the seal riddleseal example

There are three squares, three triangles and only two circles -> the missing picture is circle -> which is number 5.

Scroll with secret of first digit (a)
seal first digit

Scroll with secret of second digit (b)
seal second digit

Scroll with secret of third digit (c)
seal third digit

Scroll with secret of fourth digit (d)
seal fourth digit

Scroll with secret of fifth digit (e)
seal fifth digit

Scroll with secret of sixth digit (f)
seal sixth digit

Scroll with secret of seventh digit (g)
seal seventh digit

Scroll with secret of eight digit (h)
seal eight digit

Scroll with secret of ninth digit (i)
seal nine digit

Note:Note:The answer to this riddle has to be written in form of nine digits: first digit is the answer to the first (a) picture, second digit is the answer to the second (b) picture and so on. Example: if answer to the riddles was: a=1; b=1; c=2; d=2; e=3; f=3; g=4; h=4; i=5. Then you have to write "112233445" in the answer box!.
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Since preparing the solution to all 9 pictures would take a lot of time and space, you may pick in the Tibia-Stats' poll the riddle which you want to get nicely explained.

The picked seals are: 8th and 9th.

Solution to eight seal

The x marks the hidden number on the square, when that has been found out the rest is easy, all what you have to do is to create the equation for each row. Depending on the method which you used to number the spots (from top left 1; or from down left 1) the equation was either the sum or substraction of first two numbers in the row.

In our example we used the sum, picture below shows how was it done

solution to seal nr 8

Solving the 3rd row equation (1+2=3) gives us the correct answer.

Solution to ninth seal

The eight seal was created mainly to prepare you for the harder version of the same riddle. Again we have here equation which has to be solved but in this case the numbers are a bit more hidden.

In order to find the number under each square you have to solve a small equation: the circles represents numbers: 1; -1. It's up to you if you assume that filled circle is +1 and empty circle is -1 or vice versa. We can also deduct by looking at first row that x is equal 0. All what is left is to solve the equation, as it is done on picture below

solution to seal nr 9

Small statistics

287 players submitted answers to this question
1 (0,3%) of them was right

Bonus riddle - just for fun

Please note that this riddle is NOT a part of our contest riddles.
It has been created by Vilalobos just for fun

After Brave Paladin named Balsak was tired of overwhelming boters and since there is unjustified kill limit, so slaying noobs was not so much fun as before, he decide to start his own journey for fame, glory and gold to undiscovered area. He annihilated and destroyed exactly 666 evil creatures on his long and dangerous way (No, he is not doing "killing in the name..." quest). At the end of his path he found hidden teleport. He was convinced that this is it - wealth and glory as he always dreams of. Balsak jump into teleport... As it turned out it was a trap, he was unconscious for a long time over than 66 minutes, when he awake he realized that he levitates in a huge, totally dark and endless area. In this dark and weightless state he couldn't locate any directions, neither ground nor sky, he was lost and surrounded by endless. - Lucky I'm alive - He thought. After a while he notices that his stomach is empty and food rations are gone also he realized that his mana was almost totally drained (only 25 mana points left). But with his paladin sense he starts to feel some kind of evil presence far away from him. Since he couldn't locate any direction, he decides to use spell which allows him to detect evil creature. When he will succeed and detect evil creature, he can shoot in this direction his last blessed arrow which can kill anything with one hit. This will save him.

Detect evil creature spell is 3 dimensions area spell (not flat), it is cast from one point. Range of this spell is infinite but he is limited to a 90 degree angle. In other words spell has a shape of spherical cone and the angle at the vertex is 90 degree.


One spell cost 120 mana points and one manafluid restores exactly 55 mana points.

The question:

Version for smarty's: Help brave paladin and tell him: How many manafluids he needs to drink in order to be 100% sure that he cover whole infinite area with this kind of spells and remember that he would like to use as little manafluids as possible? In other words what is the lowest necessary quantity of manafluids (to be drank) in order to cover whole infinite area with those spells?

Version for math-pros: Lets assume that huge darkness which surrounds him is a sphere and his spell has the same radius as this sphere. If Balsak concentrates enough he can reshape the radius of his spell to any other shape, but the volume of the spell has to be the same (constant). How many manafluids he needs to drink for those spells, in order to locate this evil creature (to be sure that the spells fill whole sphere)?

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First question: 26 manafluids

Second question:15 manafluids


To solve first riddle you have to understand what spherical cone 'cut out' from sphere is. So since it's impossible to draw in 2d such thing you have to use your brains or buy few watermelond and sharp knife:). I give short description. You need cast this spell spherical cone shape at least 12 times in order to cover whole sphere. Ofc you can cast it more times to cover whole area but 12 times is optimal. This gives 26 manafluids. So how this model should look like, first you cast 4 spells in each direction: north, west, south, east, remember that all vertexes go from one point. Next step is to cover area directed to sky (up), you need 4 spells to do that. So you cast one spell in direction north/east - up, 2nd spell north/west - up, 3rd west/south - up, 4th south/east - up. Analogy for ground (down) direction. In total 4+4+4 spells = 26 manafluids.

Second question requires a bit more math knowledge (primary or secondary school, depends on country), all is about comparing volumes between spherical cone and sphere. So the question is how many times volume of spherical cone (cut out from sphere) will fit into sphere. Both have the same radius. To be sure we have to compare volumes (V). V(sphere) / V(spherical cone) = X, where X is the 'number of cones into sphere'. You can find formulas here http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SphericalCone.html and here http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Sphere.html. Also you need to notice how to find h from spherical cone, you can use Pythagorean theorem, or cosinus theory, that's why we have angle at the vertex 90 degree. Also basic knowledge about regular cone will be useful. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Cone.html. Ofc all this info you can find on Wikipedia in your native language, but I?m not sure if they use correct names for dedicated geometric shape. After not so long calculation we have result X= 6.82, this means that the volume of spherical cone will fit into sphere 6 and something times (almost 7 times). So our hero needs to cast this spell 7 times, which gives 15 manafluids.

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