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2018-02-04 14:11:00
Our distance calculator has been updated and now includes Diamond Arrows, Spectral Bolts and the most recently added distance weapons.
Dans cruf
2017-12-27 16:13:54
It has taken me far too long and I apologise for the delay, but our database of items and creatures is up to date once more. Items and creatures now have sprites and price values and any new items should now be appearing in our weapons and distance calculators. If new items are not in our calculators or loot database then my team has not yet looted them, or they are not dropped by creatures and I will need to manually add them. If you notice such an item, please let me know on our forum or Facebook. Thank you for your patience and support during this period of inactivity.
Dans cruf
2017-08-28 10:06:45
Once again, Diaba dos Infernus has translated one of our research articles to Portugese for the benefit of our Brazilian and Portuguese visitors. Estudos Sobre Conjurar Comida. Want to know if it is worth casting exevo pan? Then check out our portugese translation here http://www.tibia-stats.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=358
Dans cruf
2017-07-11 23:50:09
Submissions for our "ask a cm a question" contest will no longer be accepted after Monday July 17th (23:59).
Dans cruf
2017-07-06 20:59:11
Diaba dos Infernus has once again translated one of our research articles to Portugese for the benefit of our Brazilian and Portuguese visitors.

Já se perguntou, alguma vez, o quão difícil é se esculpir um mamute de gelo em Tibia?
Já se perguntou quantos cubos de gelo costumam ser necessários para isso ou mesmo quanto você teria que gastar para comprar todo o gelo necessário?
E quanto deveria uma escultura de mamute deveria valer?
Pois esse artigo possui todas essas respostas.

Dans cruf
2017-06-06 21:38:59
Diaba dos Infernus of the Tibia-Stats team has translated one of our research articles to portugese for the benefit of our non english speaking visitors

Se você tiver interesse em ler nossos artigos de pesquisas em português, a nossa Diaba dos Infernus os traduzirá para a sua comodidade. A cada mês, uma nova tradução será publicada e hoje desvendamos o segredo por trás dos "Lotery Tickets". Quer saber quais as chances de se receber um bilhete vencedor? E seu valor mínimo de investimento? Então corra para nosso forum e descubra! Dentro desta publicação em nosso forum, fique à vontade para comentar em português.

Dans cruf
Featured article
Interviwe with Rejana

We recently took the time to interview CM Rejana. Here is what she had to say about herself, her job and her thoughts on the current state of tibia.

Offline skilling research

The advent of offline training has made everyone's life a little easier, and a lot more lazy. In a recent poll, 75% of people said they liked offline training, 20% did not, and 5% did not care. For premium players, simply logging out at an appropriate statue can increase your melee skills (except for fist), shielding, magic, or distance.

This article will serve the purpose of explaining how this works, how fast you gain skills offline, and how this correlates to online training. As you read this article, and for the future, you might be interested to test out some of your own values on our skill calculator.

offline skilling
Interview with Count Tofifti
Interview with count tofifti

We interviewed a member of the cipsoft team - One of the balancers, Count Tofifti.

If you want to know what informations did we get from him then check it out!

New calculator - spellbook
Spellbook calculator

We have created a new calculator which will help you finding which spells you are missing in your spellbook. All what you have to do is to paste your spellbook content to our caclulatro and check the results! Enjoy!.

Using the occassion we would like to invite you to the discussion about the spells - which ones are the most usefull which ones are just a waste of money and time?

Skilling research: magic level

The magic level skill is one of the few skills trained by all vocations. As you may know this skill increases the magic spells power (with some exceptions of several physical offensive spells). Since this skill has such impact on damage and healing power it's vital to have a decent magic level.

In this article we will take a look at how magic training methods looked in the past and what changed during the years...read more

At the moment there is only English, Portuguese and Polish versions of this article avalible (Spanish will be added soon)

Basing on this research we have updated our skiling calculator with calculator for magic level skills.

the art of skilling (magic)
Skilling research: shielding

The shielding skill is very important, especially for knights and paladins, since it reduces the total damage of physical melee attacks against you. The higher the shielding skill, or melee skill if you use a two-handed weapon, and defense value of the weapon or shield, the better you will block. In general, the defense value is slightly more important than the skill when calculating the amount of damage reduction...read more

There are English and Polish versions of this article avalible (portugese will be added soon)

Basing on this research we have updated our skiling calculator with calculator for shielding skills.

the art of skilling (shield)
Skilling research: melee
the art of skilling

There is much controversy over what constitutes perfect training, and I will try and make it clear once and for all. There is something, which I like to call a Hit Counter, which makes sure you must draw blood on your victim after a certain amount of time. You can think of a Hit Counter as a 30oz glass that you will fill up one ounce at a time...read more

There are English, Polish and Portuguese versions of this article avalible

Basing on this research we have created skiling calculator, at the moment you got the chance to count the time needed for your melee fighting skill advancements.

The art of sculpting
the art of sculpting

For almost one year Tibians have been able to try their hand at sculpting from clay and marble. After extensive testing, we have decided to release the results of our sculpting research...read more

There are English, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish versions of this article avalible

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